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Where To Buy Books Online

Save Money on Books

I’m [Alan here, not Elisha] a huge advocate of saving money and getting freebies, wherever possible and ethical. It’s like a fun game that pays.  I assume that since you’re reading book reviews, that you read and buy books.  So, I thought I’d tell you all how to save a few bucks on books.

#1.  Go to your Public Library

I love using the library.  They rarely let me down, in terms of selection, and I can order the books online and wait for them to send me an email alert.   The email comes in, and I say, “Oooo, finally the “Babysitter’s Club” latest novel!”  This applies for movies, magazines and cds (compact discs, for you young ones – a physical disc that plays “mp3s”).

#2.  Sign up for www.Ebates.com

This site applies to ALL kinds of online shopping. Dell, eBay, Groupon, etc.  There are lists of online shops on this website. If you click on the website that you’re going to shop from anyways, it will give you a percentage cash back.   I don’t see why you wouldn’t use it.  I heard about it through this personal finance blog (click here).  This applies to many bookstores, such as….

#3.  Shop here for New and Used books



www.amazon.com or .ca

Hey, they all start with “A.” This is not an exhaustive list, but it does touch on my three favourites.  Abebooks.com often has books for $1 (with shipping, sometimes substantially higher than the cost of the book).  Alibris and amazon also sell used books at very low prices.

Go ahead – read and save.  You can thank me (Alan) by using the money wisely, by paying off some debt or giving it to charity.  Or blow it on iPhone apps.

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